Jules Verne

Character Information


Runner Name: Nemo

Public Name: Jules Verne

Race: Elf

Nationality: Asian-American

Gender: Male

Archetype: Face/Social Adept

Lifestyle: High

Physical Appearance:
Jules is an incredibly attractive, 6'2" male elf that dresses in the latest Steam-punk fashions. His hands are always covered by fingerless gloves, and he almost always has a guitar with him. He has something about him that just draws others in, like an aura of attraction.

Information Known By Runner Society

Nemo, as he's known in the Shadows, is a musician of minor fame in the LA area, particularly in the resurfacing Steampunk culture. In the shadows, he's been known to act as a Face from time to time.
He's known to not be the greatest in a fight, but he does have a reputation for being able to stop fights before they start, with his silver tongue and incredible charms.




IC Contact

Jules can always be reached by commlink or by various email addresses.

OOC Contact

Find me online under one of my many IC and OOC nicks.

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