Character Information

Runner Name: Rush

Public Name: Geddy Lee

Race: Troll

Nationality: DMZ

Gender: Male

Archetype: Combat Mage/Merc

Lifestyle: High


Physical Appearance: Tall, bulky and savage, that's what a lot of people think when they think Troll. But not Rush, he has more flair for style in his little pinky then most Trolls ever know. Usually found in some of the latest trends, Rush has a thing for leather. He says it's the smell of it. But whether he's out in his Long Duster and street threads, or dressed for a meeting, His dark black hair is usually shocked through with with purple.

Information Known By Runner Society

Rush is known for his combat skills as well as the assortment of other tricks he brings to the table. Need something driven, Rush is your Troll. Need to Carjack a ride, or hotwire a stolen, Rush is on the job. Intrusion, Shadowing, Just generally making a mess of your enemies, Rush can help with all of these, for a price.

He is also the troll to go to for local cuisine, hang outs, security companies, and if you need to find some Mercs.

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