Setting Guide

The Old City Hall, abandoned in 2050 for a more modern building, now houses a number of things. Most important to the game is the basement conversion into an exclusive nightclub, The Vault, a place for Shadowrunners to come, mingle, and to network. The Vaulters represent some of the finest shadowrunners there ever were, and the up and comers. Notable people are:

Cupcake: Elven barmaid, perpetually behind the long neon bar, Cupcake has mentioned she would like to one day be a Shadowrunner. Rumor is that her flirtatious nature is due to her being reliant on tips.

Barry and Rodders: Trolls, who work the door. Identical in all ways, these trolls are less bouncers and more doormen, gentlemen who ensure civility is maintainted.

Price List

The Eden is a bar set at the southern end of LA. Favored by techies and technomancers, it is highly useful for people looking for help in those areas. The bar's other interesting features include a rotating glass floor, which gives patrons a chance to see the city below, from thirty floors up. Although there is a lot of interest in the bar, the management has forbidden recruiting from there, and Johnsons and Corps are actively forbidden. Rough street-hired bouncers, little more than sprawl gangers, ensure that noone steps out of line. Even so, it is a favored place to share news about the awakened world. A local technogang, the Catalyst Dream, frequents here.

Unstable Robert's Weapon Emporium
Unstable Robert is a human armory. Known for his advertisments as slashing prices cos he is crazy, Unstable Robert sells only 100% legal firearms and weaponry, and adheres to all local laws. He however does have decent prices, and can often be haggled down for a deal… though occasionally the price creeps up.
Runner: 120
Bob: 130!
Runner: 125
Bob: 140!
Runner: *sighs* Robert, that is more.
Bob: Yes! Good buisness means profits!

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