Runner Names: Sorrowdusk; The Great S.D.; (Dr.) Dusk; The Grinning Man
Aliases: Rigardo Rivera; Eduardo Escalon
Public Name: Dr. Azul Anochecer
Age: 29
Hair: Fiber Optic;usually red-orange Sunset, or blue-fuschia Day's End blend
Eyes: Hazel
Height: 5'7
Weight: 140
Nationality: California Free State (Formerly Aztlan)
Ethnicity: Mestizo (Amerindian-Spanish)
Gender: Male
Archetype: Rigger (Drone)
Lifestyle: Mid-class
Played by: Sorrowdusk


He is of average height, and not particularily well built. His hair is long spiked, sticking straight up, and usually some outlandish shade of red-orange or pink and blue- albeit easily changed to a natural black when at work or in more formal settings. His most striking and distinct feature is his face, the lower half of which has been badly burned, most of the skin around his mouth missing, exposing his teeth and gums on the left and front sides;His neck and torso are also badly scarred. In addition, he is missing both forearms and hands, which have been replaced with obvious prostetics.

When at work he usually wears a white lab coat. When Running he often wears armored clothing under a long coat or cassock with a high, stiff collar that conceals the lower portion of his face as long as its closed, albeit he has also been seen to conceal it with scarves and balaclavas. For whatever reason, though he has some money, he has not sought to cosmetically correct his face. In the shadow world he conceals it, so as to avoid others remembering his striking, distinct appearance. In public, he reveals it, as the public mistrusts those that dont show their face-whereas in the shadow world for some it is a way of life. Those who see his face in full when he's not working or living under his public name, are those he trusts, or has developed some emotional proximity; "Friend" might be too strong a word. In either setting he is sometimes with or without large goggles, depending on what he is doing.


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