The Twins

The Twins


Character Information

Runner Names:
Jasmine & Cyanide

Public Names:
? & Celeste

Hot Ass Elf Chicks

LA Party Crew!

Are you Blind?!?

Street Sam

High (Surprised?)

Physical Appearance:
6ft tall
Amazon Goddesses of Elfdom. ;)
Seriously Hot!!
Look at the Picture!

Clothing depends on what they're up to. On the Job depends on the type of job, on offtime could be anything from skimpy boy shorts and knee high boots to full length dresses. They're heavily into the party/club scene and seem to have something in their wardrobe for every sort of occasion.

Information Known By Runner Society

The Twins are a deliciously deadly duo, hot amazon elf Street Sam's. They're well known for throwing parties where people can make contacts and connections, or just meet other runners. Their parties are popular in part because underground music sensation Nemo is known to frequent them with his entourage of friends and hangers-on. Also? They're hot. Duh.

Its rare for them to take solo jobs, as they prefer to work together. As yet, they have no official team, though there are a few runners they're more likely to work with. Solo or Duo, they're damn good at what they do.


*How do you tell the difference? Piss them off. The one that shoots you is Jasmine, the one that stabs you is Cyanide. Good luck with that.


"We don't do threesomes. Well… Maybe… but it'll cost you. A Lot."


IC Contact

Ask anyone who's been to any of their parties and you can get a msg to them, or just drop in at Vault. If they aren't there, Cupcake knows how to contact them.

OOC Contact April n Shanon

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