Character Information

Runner Name: Twist

Public Name: Not Known

Race: Elf

Nationality: Tir Tairngire

Gender: Female

Archetype: Technomancer

Lifestyle: High

Physical Appearance: An average height elf, Twist is lean and lithe, and rather graceful. Her most defining feature is her multi-coloured hair, which seems to have little rhyme or reason to it. Her clothes are mostly skin-tight, although she has been known on occassion to wear a long duster style coat. She often smiles, unless its at a Johnson. Her clothes are all expensive.

Information Known By Runner Society


Twist is a technomancer, and known for her childish whimsy. She has been known to use some drones on her runs, especially reconnaisance based ones. She also has an excellent knowledge of comic books.

Twist has been known to DJ at Catalyst Dreams fairly often, and is slowly moving into wider circles.

Twist rides a racing motorcycle. She loves her bike, and doesnt like being told how to make it better.




IC Contact

Messages for Twist can be left with Cupcake

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